This site was set up initially to be a learning resource for the Blueclaw interns prior to my resignation and new staff members to save me from having to repeat myself. So, don’t expect me to have SEO’d it or do anything more exciting with the layout and yes I am aware of the fact that SEO was originally my specialist field in marketing and having a site that hasn’t been set up properly for it is somewhat ironic. Whilst I originally said I wouldn’t put anything too interesting on here it will now contain the occasional rant, the occasional few posts on the grey-black hat sides of SEO that other places won’t let me publish or potentially some overviews in bullets that I can’t be bothered writing up properly. Although in all honesty if your after tips and tricks you’d be much better checking out my stuff over at CAP (casino affiliate programs). Oh and I’ll also be using this to archive anything of mine that gets published in print so that people can actually find it online. If you’re looking to hire me for any digital marketing etc best off checking out Greyheart Media.

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Finally fixed mikelitson.com – WordPress SEO Plugin Risk

So as a few people probably noticed, for a while this site redirected to somewhere rather unsavory if you were unfortunate enough to browse from a mobile.

This will no longer be a problem, however I feel that I should note the particular SEO plugin which was exploited to allow these hacks.

I should also note I’ve been receiving a lot of brute force attacks recently, which is to be expected I suppose for someone who works in iGaming SEO, but still somewhat annoying.
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SpamFlag – Plug

Ok, so I don’t normally do this, but it’s a nice little tool so why not.

Basically what SpamFlag does is help with the link auditing process, which as anyone in the SEO field will know is the most soul crushingly dull task that our industry has to offer. Read More »

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APCW Interview – On Yandex

J Todd from APCW interviewing me on Yandex SEO in Barcelona.

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Underrated Alternative iGaming Lead Gen Methods

So I figured it’s about time I talked about some of the non SEO and Social related ways to get some customers to a casino site and figured I’d stay away from the obvious and look at a few hidden gems that I’ve seen over the last couple of years. Some of these I’m sure people are already doing, but I know a couple are quite new. Read More »

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Saving a sinking ship: how to identify and survive a Google penalty

google penelaties


Manual, algorithmic, Penguin, Panda…You’ve probably heard one or two of these terms used in conjunction with ‘Google’ and ‘Penalty’ in recent times. In fact, there is currently so much confusion and misinformation about penalties – especially their diagnosis and removal – I thought it was high time I got to grips with the issue in these pages in the pages of GPWA.


So you think you have a penalty? What next? Unfortunately all penalties were not created equal, and understanding how your site has been affected and why is key to rectifying the problem.
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