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Grey/Black Hat Idea of the Month: Redirection Buffers

So this article includes certain things that neither I nor my company would endorse and some unproven concepts which I will be testing going forward. I’m going to start doing one of these a month and if anyone else wants to give them a try and contribute then feel free.

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Baidu SEO in Bullets

Again, much like the Yandex post this is a very quick overview for those who already know about SEO and assumes at least an intermediate level of knowledge as there is little explanation to these points if any at all.

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Mike Litson Speaking In Barcelona

Well I’m off to another IGB conference (Barcelona Affiliate Conference) a little later in the year, and once again I shall be speaking, aside from one last currently unconfirmed date in Russia I think this should be last time for me till next year. I’ll be sharing the panel with Dave Naylor, Ralph Teghtmeier and […]

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Yandex SEO 2012 – Some points to be aware of before you dive in.

As I’ve recently had to brush up on my Yandex SEO after not having done any in a while (since the good old says when you could spam your way to the top through buying from certain well known link sellers) I thought I’d pop down a list of points that if anyone else has […]

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