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5 Reasons why “click here” sucks as a C2A

You Can Do Better! Honestly can you not think of anything better to describe the action that you want the user to take? Come on this is (much like this post is) simply laziness. And yes this post was written to address a question of someone in Blueclaw.

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This is a quick post, but I’ve heard a lot about this recently and whilst offers some interesting information on the matter and I’m hugely inclined to agree that the volume of advertorials here was just insane. That is NOT the only cause. The fact is their backlink profile was pretty poor anyway. See […]

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Interview in Login Casino Magazine

Ok well this is in Russian….. (Published in Login Casino Magazine and available online at their site here) So I doubt many people on here can read this. And it was translated across so if anything does sound a little odd to a native blame Igor Krestov from Blueclaw who proofed it.

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Mike Litson Speaking at ionSearch

I’ll be on the affiliate marketing panel at ionSearch, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me that I’d end up on something at this one. Should be a good one though; we have Garner and Reilly on the panel and a mystery panellist yet to be announced.

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