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SAScon – International Search Panel

So I’ll be on the international search panel at SAScon, not really too much more to say about that. Other than SAScon is obviously a great event, long standing in the industry and I look forward to seeing people there. Other speakers include: Andy Atkins Kruger, WebCertain, Gemma Birch, WebCertain, Time: 16.45 – 17.30 […]

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Special Spam Report

Sooooo Mr Cutts has given us a “special spam report” probably because penguin 2.0 was essentially a steaming pile of cr*p which if anything made the search results worse. So once again Google are asking us to do their job for you and this Here’s a special spam report form:… Please tell us about […]

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How To Convert With Social in iGaming

I’ve always been a bit of a sceptic and believed that really social is as much about branding and CRM as anything else. And you can be part of convincing customers to buy, but rarely a stand alone factor. However, today I signed up to Paddy Power and why? Because of channel management on Twitter!! […]

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