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5 Reasons why “click here” sucks as a C2A

You Can Do Better! Honestly can you not think of anything better to describe the action that you want the user to take? Come on this is (much like this post is) simply laziness. And yes this post was written to address a question of someone in Blueclaw.

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Yandex and Snippets

This isn’t in anyway ground breaking news, but it is something that is very different over in Yandex and as such I figured would make an interesting topic for a small post. This really probably won’t hugely impact Yandex SEO aside from how it impacts your CTR, although this is still an important factor and […]

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Improving CTR in SERPs

OK so you’ve got a client that has hit a bit of a wall in terms of rankings and SEO traffic, what can you look at doing to help them continue to see a return on investment. Improve their CTR (click through rate). This is the biggest get out of jail free card that an […]

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