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8 things I wish I’d known before starting a business

Now a few of you reading this I’m sure will know me, or my main business Greyheart (we’re a digital marketing agency and I’d like to think a good one). Some of you will be thinking that I must’ve known about some of the points in this list. And I did, but perhaps not to the scale […]

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Special Spam Report

Sooooo Mr Cutts has given us a “special spam report” probably because penguin 2.0 was essentially a steaming pile of cr*p which if anything made the search results worse. So once again Google are asking us to do their job for you and this Here’s a special spam report form:… Please tell us about […]

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So I’ve been thinking for a while about why I got into search. And my answer much like everyone else I meet is I just sort of fell into it. And later decided that I actually liked what I did. Now my story involves being drunk, an elevator, a pizza and a series of chance […]

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Busting Some Gambling SEO Myths

As a gambling SEO and marketer, I do often get tarred with a black hat brush, and I’m not going to lie, if a client wants black hat, then they’ll get black hat. Is that all I do, no. Is this post mostly going to be a bit of a rant to vent my frustrations […]

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The Link Disavowal Tool Will It Be All That We Hoped?

Well, I recently sat on a panel in Barcelona with Dave Naylor and we had something of a spirited discussion about this, now he had a little bit more info on this one than I did having been a Beta tester. I was actually a little sceptical as to whether or not we’d ever actually […]

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