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SpamFlag – Plug

Ok, so I don’t normally do this, but it’s a nice little tool so why not. Basically what SpamFlag does is help with the link auditing process, which as anyone in the SEO field will know is the most soul crushingly dull task that our industry has to offer.

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Saving a sinking ship: how to identify and survive a Google penalty

THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN GPWA MAGAZINE  – I’ve linked to the online version. Manual, algorithmic, Penguin, Panda…You’ve probably heard one or two of these terms used in conjunction with ‘Google’ and ‘Penalty’ in recent times. In fact, there is currently so much confusion and misinformation about penalties – especially their diagnosis and removal – I […]

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This is a quick post, but I’ve heard a lot about this recently and whilst offers some interesting information on the matter and I’m hugely inclined to agree that the volume of advertorials here was just insane. That is NOT the only cause. The fact is their backlink profile was pretty poor anyway. See […]

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The Link Disavowal Tool Will It Be All That We Hoped?

Well, I recently sat on a panel in Barcelona with Dave Naylor and we had something of a spirited discussion about this, now he had a little bit more info on this one than I did having been a Beta tester. I was actually a little sceptical as to whether or not we’d ever actually […]

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How to Remove Bad Backlinks

This was written to train new office staff, as it now seems that my blog is moving in that direction – so industry vets looking for dramatic insight turn away now.

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