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APCW Interview – On Yandex

J Todd from APCW interviewing me on Yandex SEO in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Affiliate Conference: Yandex Presentation

Above is the slidedeck from the presentation I gave at the BAC, I will add some info on all of the slides at a later date.

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Barcelona Affiliate Conference 2013

Once again I’ll be frequenting the stage at the Barcelona Affiliate Conference. This is of course one of the better conference of the year for iGaming affiliates and a fantastic networking experience. I’ll be talking about Yandex and how you can use it as a risk mitigation strategy for those of you overly reliant on […]

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Yandex and Snippets

This isn’t in anyway ground breaking news, but it is something that is very different over in Yandex and as such I figured would make an interesting topic for a small post. This really probably won’t hugely impact Yandex SEO aside from how it impacts your CTR, although this is still an important factor and […]

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Post-RACE webinar on Yandex and Google SEO

Russian Affiliate Conference and Expo

At 11am (GMT) on Wednesday December 19th I will be running a 2 hour webinar in association with the guys over at RACE on Yandex and Google SEO. This will be a dual language webinar being translated into Russian as I go.

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