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Special Spam Report

Sooooo Mr Cutts has given us a “special spam report” probably because penguin 2.0 was essentially a steaming pile of cr*p which if anything made the search results worse. So once again Google are asking us to do their job for you and this Here’s a special spam report form:… Please tell us about […]

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This is a quick post, but I’ve heard a lot about this recently and whilst offers some interesting information on the matter and I’m hugely inclined to agree that the volume of advertorials here was just insane. That is NOT the only cause. The fact is their backlink profile was pretty poor anyway. See […]

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Mobile SEO in Bullets

Once again this is another post meant more as a quick cheat sheet for myself and some people in the office, although it may be useful for relatively experienced SEOs who are a little fuzzy on the details of mobile SEO.

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Future Proofing Your SEO – GPWA Article – Mike Litson in Print

Keep in mind this was actually written quite a while ago for GPWA‘s Magazine, but was relatively recently published, (pre link disavowal tool). Still some good actionable tips in this though. SEO: Think Ahead Before writing this article I asked myself what is the most common question that I hear  from clients, affiliates and pretty […]

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The Link Disavowal Tool Will It Be All That We Hoped?

Well, I recently sat on a panel in Barcelona with Dave Naylor and we had something of a spirited discussion about this, now he had a little bit more info on this one than I did having been a Beta tester. I was actually a little sceptical as to whether or not we’d ever actually […]

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