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Over the last few years we’ve begun to see the decline of reliance on paid link building, this is for a multitude of reasons. The main of course being is that it simply isn’t enough if you want to achieve top rankings for the long term.
A lot of high performing brands have been spending a lot of time and money on high quality creative pieces and often it can seem like affiliates just can’t compete with the major operators anymore. It’s true that quite often you may be at a disadvantage.

Launching content pieces with a large brand behind them does give them an edge, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to work around the lower budgets and lack of initial reach.


Now, when we talk about apps, we are not referring to an android version of your news feed that’s downloadable, or even keeping it gambling related. You ideally want something that you can loosely tie in with your brand, but if we’re just looking to gather some high quality links for a fraction of the price you’d pay for simply buying them, there’s better ways to go about it.

Simple games function very well for link baiting. Initially you will probably want to pay for some reviews to get the ball rolling. Keeping in mind the average cost of these reviews is well worth the price for the quality of link they will give back to your main site as the developer. Just google android or iphone app review sites and you’ll find 100s of sites available.

That said even after a very minor amount of reviews you’ll find a lot of the larger android and iphone websites will automatically pick the games up.

Make sure you include your full URL with http:// in the description of your games listing on the app stores as these descriptions will be picked up and scraped by the largest sites. Links themselves won’t be, but from our experience the full URLs often automatically link.

Won’t making games be expensive

The answer is, not as much as you’d think. If you’re clever and work around what’s available for free use on platforms like Github, you can probably find prebuilt games that need very little tweaking to turn into what you want. Of course a large brand really couldn’t do this. But, there’s no reason an affiliate can’t.

Sure you may not have the technical knowhow yourself, but in many cases we’re talking 100s not 1000s in development costs.

And the best thing is once you’ve made something like this once, minor updates, slight niche or brand tweaks and you’re going to easily be able to launch this again and again. For example, we have created several versions of a guess the player app for various different sports over the years, each sport has had a different brand associated with it. And of course, this can be updated every year with new hints for different teams etc. It could even be rolled out individually on a league by league basis for some sports like football (soccer for Americans).

Now whilst it’s true to get a lot of the best free links, your game will have to be of a higher quality. You can still get a lot of quality, but inexpensive links just for having an app that can be reviewed so keep this in mind when you’re thinking of what to create.

Web Games

Much in the same as phone apps a good place to start for ideas is Github if you’re looking for a low spend idea, but you open things up to a very different array of sites.

You should also remember that if you created your android game in html5 and then packaged it in an application like phonegap it will probably not take a great deal for a developer to make the game browser friendly. And it’s quite likely that this is what you’ll have been doing with a simple application.

So where should I outreach to?

So this time round you don’t have the obvious app review sites to rely on to make sure you get your return in links so there’s likely going to be a bit more work involved. And there’s unlikely to be a silver bullet here so hard work is going to come into play.

However, if you’ve got more time to let the content mature you’ll have a much easier time of generating links if you hold the game on a separate non branded domain.

This you can for the time being place a link to your site on and later redirect after all those sites that would normally refuse to link to a gambling affiliate have however linked to your free to play non commercially orientated game.


Also when it comes to web based games it’s pretty easy to generate a bit of prompted social interaction whether it be through sharing scores or something more complicated like requiring people to share/tweet for extra lives or goes that day.


When it comes to holidays, you may be wondering how it can apply to gambling (if you’re not in sportsbook) and the truth of the matter is only very loosely.

If you’re going to create holiday related content it’s best to follow the approach of placing your content on a non-commercial new domain and redirecting it back to a page on your site which houses the content afterwards.

That’s not to say you can’t launch it again next year on another non commercial looking domain and do the same thing again mind.

We’ve seen everything from safety guides and Christmas infographics actually function well this way and have remarkably positive effects. It should be said however that with content like this quality is king. Otherwise you’re almost certainly going to drown out in a lot of other people doing the same thing.

Isn’t it going to look out of place on my site

Perhaps, but only if you leave it sat on its own page with no thought to tie in. If we take the take the Christmas example, it would be very easy to create a high quality non related infographic which you then contained on a page on your site that was somewhat related to Christmas, for example best Christmas themed slots, what to get a poker player for Christmas etc.

Regular Events

Regular events are a given in certain sectors, obviously sportsbook has enough of them to keep content ideas flowing for the rest of time. And of course you can create some great pieces for things like El Classico which are only going to require minor updates to be reusable each upcoming game.

However, for other niches they may be a little more limited. That still doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same approach outlined in the holiday’s section.

Outside of sports

There are also a lot of events with interest groups that we in gambling rarely even think to touch on. Fortunately slot game licences give us a little leeway to have tie-ins to places you wouldn’t initially think of.

And this is where you, the affiliate has an edge. Large companies often won’t sign off on content that is related to licenced brands, due to legal fears. For example if we take Star Trek related content, this is easily produced and seeds very well.

We’ve had a lot of success graphical pieces aimed at fan bases particularly around convention times etc. (usually tying it in with a mention of or requesting a link back to the demo of the licenced slots game).

On one occasion we’ve even seen a casino piece get a link from Rodenberry entertainment (the guys that own Star Trek). Although they are very nice about people using their brand.

And smaller groups of fandom are dying for lack of content produced, you won’t get as many links, but the quality won’t have to be as high as it’s possible you’ll in some cases stand out simply by existing.

These fan group pieces have a large shelf life and there are plenty of sites dedicated to their events that are in need of content updates throughout the year.

To wrap up

  • Don’t be afraid to create outside your niche
  • Github is a godsend
  • If you can wait place the content on a non-commercial domain 1st (then redirect)
  • Think about the future of the content – can I change it easily to make something new
  • Think about the audiences before you create

Whilst I hope this article has given you a few ideas on how you can build some fun and engaging content it can be created even without breaking the bank. Nothing in this article should be entirely out of the budget for medium sizes affiliates.

And with these pieces sorts of assets all having long shelf lives you won’t need to be replacing them on a month by month basis.

True there are a finite number of links and social mentions that can be gathered in any sector, but if you think about things in the right way you can easily reskin and slightly change the concept to open up new areas.


Mike Litson is Managing Director of Greyheart Media Ltd. Specialising in gambling marketing Mike has spoken at the foremost industry events and regularly contributes to industry publications. If you have any questions for him feel free to contact him at


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