Underrated Alternative iGaming Lead Gen Methods

So I figured it’s about time I talked about some of the non SEO and Social related ways to get some customers to a casino site and figured I’d stay away from the obvious and look at a few hidden gems that I’ve seen over the last couple of years. Some of these I’m sure people are already doing, but I know a couple are quite new.

Just Buy Them

Now it’s not often I plug companies on my blog, and for me to do that you either have to be solving a very real problem for me or be utterly amazing. Now in this case the company in question is both. Leadz.com is nothing short of a brilliant idea. I’ve been buying data for a long time and email spamming as an affiliate for years. This is a concept that I really liked as a result of that background.

What Leadz do is offer a bidding platform for data, so think of it as adwords meets a lead generation company. This is brilliant because lead gen companies tend to be pretty expensive and you don’t really know what you’re going to get from it. Whereas with this the minimum deposits are tiny and data can be as cheap as 50c per line which when you look at it in the grand scheme of things is really good.

Pop Under Advertising

Until I tested this recently with Juicyads, I was pretty sceptical about using pop unders, I know a lot of affiliates do it, but personally I thought it worked with big brands that you cookie stuffed for and just hoped someone would convert of their own accord. As it happens pop unders work quite well. Turns our people can multitask.

Android Apps

Now we know that apps can be great, and we know you can gather data and send it whizzing back to a server of yours, it’s a little uncool to take this too far, but it’s quite effective. Hopefully I’ll have something very interesting to add here in the next couple of days about a web app that creates free apk files with competitions for data gathering branded up in your own way. However that hasn’t been launched yet. But, I’m hoping to update this soon.

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