Grey/Black Hat Idea of the Month: Redirection Buffers

So this article includes certain things that neither I nor my company would endorse and some unproven concepts which I will be testing going forward. I’m going to start doing one of these a month and if anyone else wants to give them a try and contribute then feel free.

Now, we all know the trick of 301ing out of a penalty (doesn’t work permanently), but what pre-empting a penalty and spamming to a 301ing domain. So let’s say you own and why set up a redirect from to, and spam it to high heaven. If your spam helps leave it there. Once you get a warning turn off the redirect, giving you the opportunity to do it again with a different domain, and why not point that burnt domain to a competitor for good measure.

If you’re selling SEO, you could take this a step further and build all your good links to and all the bad ones to That way if a client leaves, just sell all those good links to This I DO NOT agree with even in the slightest, but in theory it should work.

So, what I’m going to be testing over the next couple of weeks is the impact of building links through a 301 to a website against building them normally. Just to see if in theory this is a possibility. It could be something for Baidu optimisers to looks at where at the moment you need to spam to compete, but moving forward they could implement something like penguin. So you can put your buffers in place and look to but Good high quality links to the main site.

I’ll update this with results in a month or so to see what fluctuations have occurred and yes I will only be testing this in uncompetitive sectors to begin with.

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