The Link Disavowal Tool Will It Be All That We Hoped?

Well, I recently sat on a panel in Barcelona with Dave Naylor and we had something of a spirited discussion about this, now he had a little bit more info on this one than I did having been a Beta tester. I was actually a little sceptical as to whether or not we’d ever actually see the thing, he on the other hand granted knew better.

And now that it is here I have to wonder whether or not we will see any real changes from this, the tool itself in my eyes is not going to be our silver bullet, it will most certainly not be a get out of jail free card.

Reading between the lines on Matt Cutts’ video on the subject it is probably a smart idea not to submit too many links into this. In fact I’d suggest that you don’t want to run out and do anything hasty at all. Added to which the quote that Google will see it as a “strong recommendation” leaves me with a little more scepticism still as to whether they’ll actually do anything or whether or not they will actually just pretty much ignore them particularly in the iGaming space where I likened putting in a re-inclusion request to going outside and dancing round a fire with a pointy stick to get your rankings back.

It doesn’t even mean that you shouldn’t be removing your chuff. The smart move on this one is to submit to it any automated filth you built in the past and leave out anything that was dubious. I wouldn’t even go ratting out networks just yet. In fact unless you have a penalty then leave this tool well alone. But, then again, I’m not a fan of giving Google any more data than I already have to…

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