Baidu and .CN domains

This is a very short post.

Right I’m positing on this because it is an infuriatingly common misconception, getting a .cn domain is not going to hurt you, but it certainly isn’t worth the effort, you’re much better off putting effort elsewhere.

Generally .com’s and .net’s are still considered absolutely fine, so if you’re a multinational you may not want to run your Baidu SEO campaign from your main .com website (for obvious reasons, the main one being is some of the tactics you may be using in Baidu could penalise you in Google). So it’s best just use a .net or if you really want maybe a

The one thing that Baidu does say about domain names is that they should be short, (makes sense when you consider that the users are at best using a less than ideal character system). And it’s probably a good idea to use Pinyin in the domain if possible at least as opposed to any obviously English words that aren’t related to your brand, again this is for users more than the SE.

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