Mike Speaking in Amsterdam

I will be speaking at the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam on Wednesday 12th June at 10am. The topic is Online Marketing for iGaming in Asia, it will mostly be focused on SEO, but I will probably dip into social media and some key design variations as due to increased manual review in Naver this becomes more important.

The takeaway from the session will be:

  • How to manage a campaign in a language you are not fluent in
  • How to optimise for Baidu
  • How to optimise for Naver
  • The basics of Korean friendly design
  • The basics of Chinese friendly design
  • The Asian Social Media Basics

The Asian Search Market has been of great interest for me for a while and having seen some great results I think it is an area where a lot of webmasters could look to make a lot of money and diversify their revenue streams so they aren’t simply relying on Google.

Blueclaw will also be running another SEO clinic there and if you wish to book a session please contact me at Mike@blueclaw.co.uk.

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