Mobile SEO in Bullets

Once again this is another post meant more as a quick cheat sheet for myself and some people in the office, although it may be useful for relatively experienced SEOs who are a little fuzzy on the details of mobile SEO.

  • Dynamic CSS3 is preferred in Google to Subdomains
  • If you do use subdomains make sure your canonical and alternate tags are used properly
  • KWs are different, Hollywood terms are more important because they’re short, and location based search again more prevalent
  • Keep in mind the broader range of browsers
  • Only the top 2 spots count!!! The fold is a lot smaller on a mobile.

Interesting fact to drop in here for context “According to Google’s research, the average query on Mobile Search is 15 characters long, but takes roughly 30 key presses and approximately 40 seconds to enter.“.

  • Use rich content in moderation
  • Double check the search engine crawlers agents are shown the mobile versions
  • Site speed is more important; remember most of the time mobile connections are slower. (That means clean code smaller images etc).
  • Keep your snippet data (title and meta) short so it looks better on a mobile
  • Remember your mobile site map

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