Post-RACE webinar on Yandex and Google SEO

Russian Affiliate Conference and ExpoAt 11am (GMT) on Wednesday December 19th I will be running a 2 hour webinar in association with the guys over at RACE on Yandex and Google SEO. This will be a dual language webinar being translated into Russian as I go.

During the webinar I will be going through a crash course in both on site and off site optimisation for the two search engines and where they cross over and where they don’t.

There won’t be anything too in depth in this although it will be the 1st in a series of webinars I intend to run on Yandex SEO. So if you’re an experienced SEO looking for tips on in depth implantation of technical points look elsewhere. This is mostly for those who either don’t know about one of the two search engines or want to learn the basics.

As well the basics should I have time I will go over some future proofing tips for both of the SE’s. I will upload the slidedeck to this website after the webinar as long as some more in depth notes on the subject matter.

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