Niagara iGaming Affiliate Weekend 2013 (CGB)

At the 2013 CBG I’ll be running some private SEO consultation workshops/clinics. These will be one to one sessions where you’ll get actionable feedback as well as be able to ask any questions that you want to, but let’s keep it about marketing 😉
The CGB weekend will be between the 16-19th of August and whilst that may seem like a long time away we already have some bookings.
Blueclaw will be sending someone along with me as well for extra feedback; however it is unconfirmed who that will be although it is likely to be MD Fergus Clawson.
To contact me with regards to further information email mike (at)

Further details about the event can be found on the CBG website (although it hasn’t been updated for 2013 yet).

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