5 Reasons why “click here” sucks as a C2A

You Can Do Better!

Honestly can you not think of anything better to describe the action that you want the user to take? Come on this is (much like this post is) simply laziness. And yes this post was written to address a question of someone in Blueclaw.

It Distances The User

You know that person who you are trying to actually convince to buy/play/view well that’s how they speak buy, play, view…. They are not a machine, so remove the mechanical and functional aspect and tell them why they should click not simply to do it! Its basic psychology, people are more likely to do things when they know why. The thing is I know that you’re thinking they’ve already read why. It doesn’t work like that unfortunately different areas of the brain read the call to action as those that read the text so you almost have to appeal to them separately.

Click Here Is Seen As “Spammy”

Not everyone will see it like this mind, but I do, if something says click here (and it’s a banner) I’m instinctively worried about whether my screen is about to be bombarded with something a little “blue” when all I wanted was to see the picture of whatever hilarious thing I was promised. Fool me once shame on you internet, fool me twice well still shame on you, fool me after more than a decade and then I’m the Muppet!

It’s Outdated

It just looks a little old fashioned, sort of like you haven’t caught on to the way things work on the modern internet.

Make It Simple for Users

Your users are probably idiots! Well ok, this may be a little harsh, but the fact is for all purposes they may as well be. Fumbling round on an unfamiliar site is like being in the country and night without a torch. You’re much happier on a well lit up sign posted road. The call to action is your signpost. Make sure it’s well lit up (distinctive colour) and clear, nothing worse than taking the wrong exit because you were confused. Same applies to websites!

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