Special Spam Report

Sooooo Mr Cutts has given us a “special spam report” probably because penguin 2.0 was essentially a steaming pile of cr*p which if anything made the search results worse.

So once again Google are asking us to do their job for you and this

is of course in no way open to abuse……

Oh wait what am I saying of course it is. So assuming they use this data and you just scraped through penguin not for long.

On the other hand it could be down to the cloaked redirect sites that are ruining the SERPs, now normally I don’t get self-righteous about spam and genuinely think people only get upset because they’re losing out. Not because they have any real moral objection.


But they really do drive me insane, lookupcasino image below and it’s like which use clever redirects to dominate the SERPs with spam image above (this was taken from the top 10 results for “slot games”). And I am actually going to urge people to drop these sorts of sites in it.


Oh and of course you can drop your real competitors in it as I’m sure 99% of people will be doing as Google continues to get us all to rat ourselves out….. Because apparently it works as our entire industry is happy to shamelessly rat out people doing the same thing that they do.

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