Baidu SEO in Bullets

Again, much like the Yandex post this is a very quick overview for those who already know about SEO and assumes at least an intermediate level of knowledge as there is little explanation to these points if any at all.

• Meta Keywords still hugely important due to the way the Chinese writing system works
• Keywords in Titles, Descriptions, Htags etc still important
• July update was essentially Panda (dupe content and quality based penalties)
• Quantity of links equally if not more important if not more so than quality – to give you some indication of “quality” one of China’s leading search agencies recommend that all incoming links you buy must be on pages with less than 100 other outbound links… that speaks volumes….
• No real penalties for spammy links – potentially coming in a year or so – which is why I recommend a system with an automated shut off – say pushing links through a redirecting domain 1st.
• Social integration relies on Weibo
• .cn domains given massive priority
• CTR is HUGELY important, and Baidu highlights the searched KWs in red, making CTR a lot higher when KWs are in the Meta, so this will continue to be important.
• Internal linking from content is liked
• Baidu share is essentially Baidu’s +1 button
• Consistant daily increases in links work better than spiked boosts
• Content length should be about 1k words and up
• Display keywords in pinyin* in the URL
• You need to use Baidu webmaster tools, Baidu’s crawler is not as sophisticated as Google so site health is even more important, be mindful of dead links and complicated site structures.
• Formatting around KWs still appears to help in Baidu
• Keyword density still seems to have an impact
• Try to get Chinese hosting – Baidu not only likes this, but as most your traffic from this search engine will be coming from China you should have a server in the country to give users a quicker usage speed.

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